Metering is the heart of the utility business


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From the producer, to the distributor, and to the user, each stakeholder relies on metering and the services around it to play an appropriate role in the overall survival of the business


To be the leader in the provision of revenue-cycle related services in the electricity and water sectors of the entire West African sub-region.

At ADROIT, we understand the needs of all stakeholders in the value chain

Whats more, we are well equipped to meet those needs. We represent the new breed of metering experts in West Africa today. We are a collection of bright and young achievers that are launching metering in West Africa into the 21st century.

With over 70 years in combined experience, we draw on the best of trainings and resources, and partner with industry leaders to ensure the best of service is delivered to you!

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ADROIT is the Nigerian Agent for ITRON, the global leader in metering solutions! We have worked with a bunch of great clients

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