Our services are grouped according to the different client segments we serve

Utilizing its well trained and motivated staff, industry-leading installation, calibration and commissioning tools, as well as carefully streamlined logistic support, Adroit is able to deliver highly professional meter installation, re-installation, retrofitting and upgrading services.

Relying on the huge experience of its staff in the field of prepayment metering deployment, Adroit is able to assist utilities avoid very common pitfalls in prepayment projects, in addition to delivering solutions that guarantee sustained customer response and satisfaction.

AMR and AMI have become very popular in recent times with most utilities embarking on one such project or another, sometimes without fully understanding the underlying complexities, and mostly becoming hostages to solution providers. Adroit relies on its vast experience in this field to guide utilities towards implementing simple, effective, future-proof and cost-effective AMR/AMI projects.

Perhaps the most important of Adroit’s services to utilities is Advisory. The most important aspect of all endeavours has to do with the conceptualization, the very foundation on which such endeavours are based. The foundation determines everything after, and if this is wrong or predicated on false expectations, the result is predictable. Adroit prides itself in delivering utility-friendly advisory services on which successful plans and projects can be developed.

No business can function properly without an effective debt management system. Notwithstanding, there are no universal solutions to management of debt. At Adroit, we work with utilities to understand the peculiarities of their debt profiles and to develop tailor-made solutions that are effective and simple.

Adroit delivers effective capacity development programmes for utility staff on meter installation, maintenance and management. We also offer trainings on customer care, customer management, marketing, cash collection drive, AMR/AMI deployment and management, and Prepayment deployment and management.

Adroit partners with industry leaders to provide seamless energy audit solutions that provide easy traceability of the movement of energy within the utility’s network. This is essential for detection of loopholes, assigning responsibility, asset management, planning, and cost accounting. Adroit is able to integrate this with GIS solutions to further provide visibility and easier management.

Bulk metering of such group of consumers is a way utilities evade the huge administrative headaches of providing direct metering to all consumers within the group. To a large extent, it is also a good choice for estate and property managers as an amount of power is resident in their hands to ensure overall compliance with property rules. This arrangement is not bad if well managed with each stakeholder’s interest taken care of.

Adroit’s deep understanding of all the challenges that arise with bulk metering has led it to develop services and solutions that could be further customized to meet the specific needs of every client. Such solutions include:

  • Verification of utility bills and ‘check’ metering
  • Energy auditing / statistical metering
  • Sub-metering installation, maintenance and management (prepayment and credit)

Determining and controlling energy usage in institutions such as universities, colleges, military barracks, etc, can be a nightmare. It is very common to see such institutions having to pay huge bills to utilities each month which they have no control over.

Adroit specializes in assisting such institutions in understanding how energy is utilized and to implement measures to control wastages and indiscriminate usage.

The concerns faced by residential consumers vary from estimated billing, non-installation of meters, inaccurate meters, and so on. With the present state of utilities in Nigeria this is a regular thing.

At Adroit, we take the burden off the busy consumer by offering an unbiased assessment of metering, billing, and even ensuring meter installation / replacement by the utility is done quickly as required.

Energy costs account for a huge part of the recurrent expenses of most businesses, especially industries. Similarly, other businesses with chains of business premises, such as banks, Insurance brokers, Telecom companies, etc, require all the savings they can get on energy costs.

At Adroit, we develop tailor-made solutions to assist such consumers utilize energy efficiently, remove wastages, and pay utilities accurately.

There are so many good products from reputable manufacturers across the world that have acquired unpleasant reputations while being utilized within the Nigerian power industry simply for a lack of support when and where it mattered. This has resulted in a sharp drop in sales volume even for products that once dominated the market.

Adroit provides a specially-tailored service to take the burden of providing local product support off manufacturers, especially where sales volumes do not yet justify a direct investment in this segment. Under this service, Adroit’s highly experienced personnel acquire whatever additional knowledge is required to be able to carry on this key function on behalf of the manufacturer in a most efficient and cost effective manner.

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